Safe PPP Removal: 6 Tips and Tricks

May 30th, 2022 by

Safe PPP Removal: 6 Tips and Tricks

Pearly Penile Papules, also known as Hirsutoid Papillomas, are abnormal but harmless small growth that develops around the glans penis. Although it’s quite harmless, it can be a source of concern for many males. Especially, since they have a close resemblance with symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases like genital warts. 

Besides, their lifelong presence in clusters at the base of the penis’ head is an embarrassing sight every man would consider removing. There are proven safe ways PPP can be completely removed to improve the weakened psychological and sexual health outlooks of the males suffering from them. The following tips and tricks can remedy PPP and help in their safe removal. 

Consider PPP Kit

Just like a dermatologist uses laser surgery for PPP removal, a PPP kit is a device with an electrical ionizer for vaporizing papules in a quick, safe, and easy way. It comes with the advantage of reduced cost as it doesn’t require the service of a dermatologist. 

The kit essentially contains a numbing cream to prevent pain while vaporizing the papules. Additionally, any papules missed out on the first trial can be removed in another session after a recovery period of 10 days. A PPP kit also contains all the important safety procedures and tools that can help you remove the papules without any complications right from your home. 

Try Out Home Remedies

Several home remedies which are readily available and accessible have some beneficial effects on PPP. Although a consistent application may be required, this treatment is a self-tailored one that requires frequent self-observation for improvement which can eventually inform the next line of treatment. Some of the home remedies for PPP are oils such as castor oil, tea tree oil, toothpaste, and specified creams. Some of them are part of the skincare routine for repairing damaged skin

Castor oil has great benefits on the skin owing to its moisturizing properties. Also, it’s highly effective in treating PPP when a small quantity is gently swabbed on the affected region. Similarly, tea tree oil which has high scientific regard in the treatments of acne and skin rashes is also effective in treating PPP when applied at a concentration lesser than 5%. Though not scientifically proven, toothpaste is another trick that helps relieve the symptoms of PPP. It has an antibacterial effect and is believed to shrink the papules while topical ointments help to smoothen the skin surface.

Use Honey As A Natural Remedy

Honey is another natural remedy people suffering from PPP can try. Since it’s not associated with any side effects, regular application of honey on the PPP can help get rid of them and restore the original skin glow. 

Naturally, honey has a glowing and antibacterial effect on the skin. When allowed to stay for a while on the PPP before being washed, honey can contribute greatly to the removal of the PPP and restore the aesthetic appeal of the glans penis region.

Calamine Lotion

This lotion has been used as an effective treatment plan for acne for years. It has also been discovered that its zinc content aids the drying out of papules, which would eventually rid the skin of them after consistent application. Calamine lotion is readily available over the counter at pharmaceutical stores.  

Never Scrape Or Heat-Burn By Yourself

With the glans penis being an extremely sensitive area, scraping with sharp or blunt objects can lead to cuts which can introduce infections and worsen the PPP. In the long run, this can also cause a loss of sensitivity and elasticity of the skin around the papules and hinder the success of other surgical treatment plans.

Consult With Your Dermatologist

Most times, this is the most guaranteed way for safe PPP removal. As a specialist in skin problems, dermatologists have a range of treatment plans that are guaranteed to give immediate solutions to your PPP. Although they come at a price that may not be affordable to many people, one or two sessions with a dermatologist ensure a complete disappearance of all papules.

Depending on your pocket, laser treatment can be recommended among other cheaper alternatives like electrosurgery. Considering other safe removal methods, a visit to the dermatologist comes with a more professional touch that assures one of quality medical service. 


Simple home remedies are sufficient in removing PPPs in some men, while others may require a more clinical approach which may include minor aesthetic surgeries. Either way, it is important to conduct some self-evaluation and monitor the improvement seen from whatever PPP removal trick you decide to try. However, it should be noted that these tips aren’t a work-for-all tip, but since there’s no harm in trying, you can try any of the aforementioned remedies until you get something that works.