Best Quality Luvme Hair Loose Wave Wig

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Best Quality Luvme Hair Loose Wave Wig

You’re here because you love loose wave wigs and want to get yourself a unit. Well, you’re about to make an admirable fashion decision. Loose wave wigs can be all you need to go from good to perfect with your appearance.

Buying the wig from a top store like Luvme Hair is central to getting a good bargain. Luvme Hair has been serving ladies with high-quality human hair wigs for years. You can trust them to give you what you need.

This article will educate you on the best Luvme Hair loose wave wigs. You’ll understand what they are, how to get them, and how to look your best.

Table Of Content

  1. What is a Loose Wave Wig?
  2. Why Wear A Loose Wave Wig?
  3. What is the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Loose Wave Wigs?
  4. How to Select the Perfect Loose Wave Wig?
  5. How to Style Loose Wave Wig?
  6. Conclusion

What is a Loose Wave Wig?

Loose wave is one of the wavy wig textures that exist. It has large and mildly tight curls. The curls are perfect for disguising density because they make the hair appear more voluminous. Loose wave is usually confused with body wave but has tighter curls than body wave hair.

A loose-wave wig is any wig that has a loose-wave texture. It can be frontals, closures, headband wigs, minimalist lace wigs, or anyone. Loose wave wigs can also come in short, medium, and long lengths. The right size depends on what you intend to achieve with your styling. You can also get loose wave wigs in different densities and colors.

They can be human hair or synthetic, but Luvme Hair’s loose wave wigs are from 100% human hair. Therefore, you get a unit that performs just like your natural hair. You can also explore more styling possibilities than a synthetic loose wave wig.

Why Wear A Loose Wave Wig?

1.   It’s Natural

Aside from the fact that it’s natural hair, the nature of the curls also helps make movement more realistic. The curls feel natural and very comfortable. Loose wave wigs also look adorable and complement your overall look.

2.   It’s Voluminous

Loose waves beat body waves when it comes to making your hair appear fuller than it looks. Once again, the bouncy nature of the curls is to thank for this voluminous look. It’s perfect for ladies looking for a fuller look without breaking the bank.

3.   It’s Easy to Maintain

The curls are tighter than body waves but also not too tight that they will tangle regularly. Even if they do, you only need to use your fingers to detangle them easily. Therefore, you spend less time on maintenance than other deeper textured wigs.

4.   It Holds the Curls Better

You can trust your curls to stay in good shape for as long as possible. Therefore, you don’t have to expose your wig to many heat-styling tools. Less heat styling tools coming in contact with the wig means you’re potentially improving its lifespan.

What is the Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair Loose Wave Wigs?

Synthetic hair wigs are made from fibers, while Luvme Hair human hair wigs are 100% donated hair from around the globe. Human Hair bounces and feels like your actual hair. It’s also advised for beginners because synthetic hair can be trickier to maintain at first.

However, you should note that synthetic wigs will hold the loose curls till the end of their lifespan. You’ll need to restyle your human hair loose wave wigs occasionally. However, you can also alternate between other textures or styles, which you can’t do with a synthetic loose wave wig.

You shouldn’t take heat styling tools near your synthetic human hair wigs, as the unit can get destroyed forever. These disadvantages make synthetic hair wigs cheaper than their human hair counterparts.

How to Select the Perfect Loose Wave Wig?

1.   Wig Type

Your preference, budget, and styling needs should be at the forefront of selecting your wig type. The predominant Luvme Hair loose wave wigs include the 4×4 and 5×4 lace closures.  It’s also available in the 13×4 lace frontals.

A lace closure is for a natural-looking hairline. However, it only has a relatively small lace at the front, like 4×4 or 5×5 inches. However, lace frontals have more lace and are more versatile to style. You can also explore other loose wave wig types like the V/U part wigs, 360 lace frontal wigs, and full lace wigs.

2.   Length

Wig lengths can be short (under 14 inches), medium (16-18 inches), long (20-24 inches), or extra long (over 26 inches). Short wavy wigs are perfect for ladies who want a simple, easy-to-maintain, voluminous look. Long loose wave wigs are perfect for ladies who want to make a statement with the flowy and adorable long wig style.

3.   Density

Density is the amount of hair present in the wig. The density you’ll choose should correspond with the length so it doesn’t look unnatural. Higher densities work best on longer wigs. For instance, you should go between 150% to 250% density for a wig that’s 18-22 inches.

4.   Color

You either get the color of your wig wrong or right;  there’s no in-between. If you want to play it safe, go for black. It can complement any skin color effortlessly. However, you can also explore options and select an alternate color that complements your skin tone.

Luvme Hair has different colors, like natural black, highlights, brown, ombre, and blonde.

How to Style Loose Wave Wigs

There are numerous styling products in the market that you can use on your loose wave wigs to make them more beautiful, and you should invest in them. Ensure you invest in sulfate human hair products to get the best results.

Heat styling is another method that you can adopt. Put the tool on the regulated temperature to improve the curls or change your look completely. It’s best to avoid using a blow dryer on your loose wave wig.

You can also try out some adorable hairstyles with the wig. Half-up-half-down, top knot, French twist, and side part are among the most popular hairstyles you can do with a loose wave wig. You can also wear your loose wave wigs with bangs and look adorable.


Loose wave wigs can help you add volume to your wig, aside from enhancing your overall look. Feel free to explore the numerous styling options to get the right fit. Whether long or short, it’s almost impossible to get it wrong.

Don’t forget to maintain your wig after purchase. It would ensure that you can use it for as long as possible. You can explore your high-quality loose wave wig options at Luvme Hair today.