Salt Water and Your Hair: The Effects Explained

July 1st, 2021 by

Salt Water and Your Hair: The Effects Explained

As we get close to beach season, many people are starting to shop for the perfect bathing suit and look forward to the perfect tan. It feels good going to the beach and enjoying the benefits of Vitamin D.

One thing that some people worry about, though, is their hair. They remember the days when their hair got sun bleached when they were kids. And they remember spending hours at a time in the salt water. That may have been fine as a kid, but what about your hair now?

Is the salt water bad for your hair, or are there benefits? If you are a Sharma Skin & Hair Surgery customer then you surely are worried about the effects. In this article, we will go over the good and the bad about the effects of salt water on the hair.

It’s bad for chemically treated hair 

If you have dyed hair or have gotten a perm, then you understand how your hair is easily affected by so many factors. Water with too much chlorine, too much sun or even humidity all affect the way your hair behaves when it has been treated.

It should be no surprise that the delicate nature of your chemically treated hair is also susceptible to damage from salt water. The problem is that the salt strips moisture from the hair. This is true for any hair, but when it is chemically treated it needs that moisture more than ever.

It becomes dry and brittle and hard to manage when it’s been dyed and you go to the beach. However, it can be fixed by using argan oil based shampoos and conditioners to replenish the lost moisture.

It’s nutrient-rich

One of the biggest positives about salt water is how many nutrients and minerals it contains. These nutrients are absorbed by your scalp and then brings the nutrients right into the roots of your hair.

Magnesium, potassium and selenium are all present in sea water and give your hair and your spirits a boost. Though your hair may be brittle at first from the sea water, it will end up having more volume due to the minerals and nutrients present in the seat water. This is good news for anybody using hair loss treatments as it will help their hair look thicker.

It’s a good disinfectant

If you’ve been having trouble with your scalp then the sea water is the perfect remedy. The salt acts as a disinfectant by killing any bacteria and fungi that might be in the hair or scalp. Also, if you have seborrheic dermatitis then this is really good at clearing out the pores and the bacteria that causes it.

It’s good for greasy hair 

People with overactive pores end up with hair that seems to always be greasy. One of the best ways to strip that grease is to get in the sea for a swim. The salt works its way through the strand and leaves it with no grease.