Enhance Your Look: Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

February 17th, 2023 by

Enhance Your Look: Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

What Are Colored Contact Lenses?

The beauty world has progressed further than ever before, with us human beings constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enhance our natural features. Well, this is where colored contacts make a swift introduction. Have you ever looked in the mirror and dreamed of a style revamp? Eager to find out whether you would feel more empowered with forest green eyes, piercing blue, or even just a slight variation from your original shade with hazel. Just like we can switch up our outfits and pairing accessories – changing the color of our irises can have a huge impact on our day-to-day life. Color contact lenses provide a quick and easy way to alter our facial appearance and are applied like any old prescription lenses – just pop them in and you are ready to go! With so many brands on the market (like Solotica), and so many subtle or striking shades to choose from, all it takes is a swift purchase and an easy how-to video or article to set foot on the iris changing bandwagon. It certainly is an eye opener…

How To Find The Right Color Contact Lenses?

Now, you have decided to start your iris changing journey, but find yourself in a predicament with choosing the best colored contacts for brown eyes. Brown eyes tend to be the darkest shade amongst the others, and with their rich and indulgent nature you may be questioning whether colored lenses can actually fully cover them. Well, you may be surprised here but they can! Most of the world’s population possess brown eyes – 70% in fact! So, when you fancy a change from the norm, there are some fantastic color options that can alter even the darkest of eyes – just make sure to go for opaque lenses rather than transparent for the best results here. Choosing the right color is easy when you know your desired result. Feeling something completely different? Then try light blues and greys for the opposite effect. Or if you are wanting to stick to the familiar and are just seeking an enhancement, then we suggest either selecting a hazel shade featuring speckles of both brown and green, or a lighter or darker shade of brown than your own. We are aware that going bold is not to everyone’s taste.

Difference Between Cosmetic Contact Lenses VS Color Contact Lenses With Prescription

Colored contact lenses don’t just benefit those with 20/20 vision, and you will be happy to know that if you have to wear glasses or corrective contacts to see, then you can also wear decorative lenses too! Many brands supply colored contacts with the addition of prescriptions – these can range from powers -10.00 to +5.00 and there are also torics for people that have astigmatism. So, there’s no need to feel left out here as they are not dissimilar to the usual cosmetic variety, all they have is the extra seeing ability for those who need it!

Before & After Color Contact Lenses

  • Green Eyes – Although green is the rarest eye color of them all – you may be seeking a change, and we suggest two choices here – either opting for a light blue shade to brighten the iris that echoes essence of the sea, or to darken the eye with the deepest of browns. Both can be striking and will make a noticeable difference.
  • Blue Eyes – The color that everyone wishes for, well if you are one of the lucky ones that have natural blue eyes and are looking for an enhancement, choosing a more vibrant and intent shade of blue is the way to go! Many contacts have the finish of an outer limbal ring, so opt for a shade with this to make your eyes irresistibly mesmerising!
  • Hazel Eyes – Hazel, the colour that may look greener one day, and brown the next – with even the slightest touch of blue. Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a bold iris color? For this we suggest opting for any strong color with no limbal ring. Just a straight to the point and no messing around statement shade.
  • Brown Eyes – With brown eyes, there is an endless array of roads to go down when it comes to colored contact lenses. As we have discussed above, it all depends on the individuals requirements. If you are wanting to push the iris to a lighter shade but wanting to stick to your original, choose a daring chocolate brown, or go straight to the other side and try the lightest of pale greys – airy yet delicate.
  • Dark Brown Eyes – Ah the darkest of shades – here you can completely transform your eye color and choose a striking sky blue, or an alluring sea green. Yet if you love your natural brown appearance, instead you can lighten this shade and opt for a golden ochre, or a beautiful hazel. Drawing the dark to a lighter finish. 
  • Light Brown Eyes – On the other side, we have light brown eyes. We suggest here opting for a bolder and more intense shade like a warm Castanha if you would prefer to stick with a similar tone, or a luxurious Cyan Blue for a complete switch up! 

Factors To Consider When Buying Color Contact Lenses?

It comes as no surprise that there are many different factors to consider when buying colored contact lenses. From the price through to the wearability, for those who decide to take the leap and change their iris color, there are key things to take into account with this big decision. Firstly, we would suggest making sure your eyes are in a fit state first – either through attending an eye appointment or checking with your doctor, and check if the lenses are FDA approved. With any type of lenses, these can dry out the eye and cause different infections if not used correctly. This leads us onto maintenance. With colored lenses, you need to make sure your hands are cleaned before inserting them and likewise when taking them out. For daily disposals you do not need to fret over the cleaning regime, but with monthly, quarterly, and yearly contacts, these need to be cleaned and properly stored after each use. Using the right solution and process is paramount here for keeping both the lens and your eye dirt free.

What’s The Best Color Contact Lens Brand?

With the ever growing popularity of decorative lenses, there is a huge competition between brands to be the best. Our top pick here is Solotica. For a little bit of a backstory, this outstanding brand was first manufactured in 1949 which means it has been producing and selling the highest quality of contact lenses for over 70 years! Their Brazilian nature runs through and through with collections inspired by the beautiful Brazilian scenery and culture. Their easily accessible website features exquisite collections with daily, yearly, quarterly and even monthly lenses with also prescriptions and torics for astigmatism. The choice is endless! As for the expiry dates– both the cosmetic and prescription can last for up to 12 months, depending on which collection you opt for.

Where To Order The Most Natural Colored Contacts?

Carrying on with Solotica, for those seeking the most natural looking-colored lenses, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this brand. Gaining a status of the ‘world’s most natural colored contact lenses’ – most of their beautiful collections (minus Solfelx Color Hype) feature stunningly natural tones with the bestselling of these being Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and unsurprisingly Natural Colors. The buying process is quick and efficient, with their online website showcasing a range of wonderful colors: hazel, browns, greys, blues, and greens. What’s more, their color opacity and pioneering technology is paramount for Solotica being the best decorative lens brand on the market!


So, there you have it – if you are ready to embark on that iris changing journey, and eager to switch up your brown jewels to another natural looking shade – then you now have all the necessary details under your belt to get going! Switching up your appearance is an exciting endeavour, and perfect for adding that extra bit of sparkle amongst the mundane every day. Fall in love with the new you…all it takes it colored contact lenses…