Anti-Aging Routine: Stay Young for Years

July 27th, 2020 by

Anti-Aging Routine: Stay Young for Years

Some celebrities seem to be growing upside down. Besides skipping sugar, they use light therapy for anti-aging. Are there other ways to beat the old clock that is continuously running? Absolutely, say the experts. Follow this perfect routine to stay young for years.

Drink Tea Every Morning

If you are a tea drinker, you are about to become ageless. According to a study published in the BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, white and green teas contain enzymes that reduce wrinkles by protecting the skin against the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Adding it to your routine can help you stay young.

Practice Yoga

Most people already know that exercise and meditation are sure to prevent aging. So, let’s take the benefits of both worlds by practicing yoga. According to the Mayo Clinic, adding a relaxing practice to your weekly routine can relieve stress, improve balance, and reduce the risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

Try Face Oil in the Morning

As mature skin, the production of natural oil may decrease. Daily exposure to harmful UV rays has compromised its ability to retain moisture, leaving skin dehydrated and dull, and this is where facial oil comes in. You can use an oil to stain an extra dose of food, and it helps retain moisture. Use a light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing facial oil applied to your moisturizer to help nourish mature skin.

Get Your Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a healing technique that uses low-intensity red light wavelengths. Your skin is exposed to red light therapy, it produces a biochemical effect that increases the amount of energy stored in cells, says a certified plastic surgeon, Z. Paul Lorenc, M.D. This helps cells function more efficiently and repair the damage, which is why it has been used to treat scars and sores. But red light therapy has really gained popularity for its benefits and effectiveness in fighting wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, discoloration, and other non-stellar skin health signs.

“Your skin will be more lifted, toned, and improved, which will give you younger, smoother skin by increasing healthy cellular activity,” explains Vargas. In addition to helping hydrate and heal the skin, it is also ideal for anti-aging as it protects existing collagen and elastin while stimulating the production of new collagen, he says.

Spend Time Outdoors

If you want to make sure that your aging process doesn’t even seem to be happening, incorporate natural elements into your routine to stay young. Proximity to nature (such as walking in the park or reading near a pond) encourages older adults to be more physically, spiritually, and socially active, research is improving, according to a study by Health & Place. It improves the quality of life and, therefore, a reversal of the aging process. Incorporate it to your daily routine to stay young.

Stay Out of Sun to Stay Strong

Always use a sunscreen with at least a sun protection index of 30 SPF and make sure it is broad-spectrum (blocks UVA and UVB rays). No matter if the day is gloomy or bright, the UV rays are always there. And remember to reapply every few hours to continue protecting your skin.

The impairment triggered by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays is linked to around 90% of the visible signs of aging. UV rays break down elastin, the tissue that gives the skin its elasticity, making it dull and soft, and also causes an uneven skin tone, wrinkles and age spots. The damage may not appear for years, so early prevention is essential.

Wash Your Face with Cream Cleanser

Whatever your skin type or skincare concerns, daily cleaning is always essential. But if you have visibly aged skin, go for a nourishing cleansing cream instead of foam. As it matures, the skin loses moisture, nutrients, and natural oils, making the skin look and feel drier. A creamy cleanser can help replenish moisture on your skin’s surface for a fresh look!

Eat More Fat

The healthy guy, of course. Omega-3 fatty acids help stabilize your mood, maintain strong bones and prevent visible signs of aging by reducing inflammation in the body, says Nicholas Perricone, MD, author of 7 secrets for beauty and a leading anti-aging expert. “Omega-3s also increase the body’s ability to extract fat from storage, from the hips, for example, and use it for energy,” he says. “Omega-3s keep you healthy, and your skin is radiant.”

Treat! “Virtually all experts agree that you need two grams of omega-3 fatty acids a day,” says Michael Roizen, MD, president of the anesthesiology division of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and co-author of You on a Diet. Eat lots of bluefish like wild salmon (a 3-ounce serving has 6.9 grams), as well as nuts (half an ounce has 9.2 grams), says Dr. Roizen.

Eat a Plant-Rich Diet

It is easier to stay young and healthy when eating healthy, mainly fruits and vegetables supplemented with lean protein and whole grains. These foods provide vital nutrients that promote healthy aging inside and out. Fruits and vegetables also increase your intake of essential phytonutrients that help you defend against harmful free radicals.

Drink a Lot of Water

Do you want to see how to look younger naturally? Drink 6 to 8 glasses of filtered water each day to keep skin supple and maintain optimal health. Dehydration causes the skin to dry and wrinkle. Proper hydration ensures the regeneration of skin cells and tissue, allowing for younger, healthier skin.

In addition to the face, the key areas that expose your age are the neck, chest, and hands. Make sure you don’t overlook these areas! Keep them covered with sunscreen, and no one will ever know their true age.