Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas: Delicate Designs with Big Meaning

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Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas: Delicate Designs with Big Meaning

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I love tattoos. Not all-over-the-body kinds, but crafty types that signify sweet somethings. So, this inspired me to write this article.

Small Tattoo Ideas

If you are planning to get a small tattoo, the first thing you should focus is to look for one that has a deeper meaning of the tattoo and that guides you forever. It is essential to choose the one that can define us and even better if it is a small tattoo.

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women:

Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

A small tattoo for women could be slightly complicated, since they may not know precisely what symbols could reflect on their skin. Small tattoo ideas are usually the first option since they are simple and depending on the reason they could be incredibly sexy.

The other reason to choose small tattoos is, they are fragile, very feminine and have the peculiarity of going hidden depending on the place of the body where you decide to do it.

Below, we show you an exclusive choice of small tattoo ideas to make you fall in love with them and choose the best one that suits your personality.

Small Tattoo Ideas With Meaning:

  1. Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
  2. Small Heart Tattoo Ideas
  3. The Word “No Fear”
  4. Small Musical Tattoo Ideas
  5. Small Paper Plane Tattoo Ideas
  6. The Word “Believe”
  7. Three triangles
  8. Small Bird Tattoo Ideas
  9. OM
  10. Viking symbol
  11. Sailor Moon Tattoo Ideas
  12. Semicolon Tattoo Ideas
  13. Small Sailboat Tattoo Ideas
  14. Small Flower Tattoo Ideas
  15. Tree Tattoo Ideas

Now, you’re going to see 15 small tattoo ideas with their meaning so that you could decide and start showing them where you like the most.

Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas:

Small Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Butterflies are not only the symbol of freedom but also a sign of evolution, rebirth, change, and development. If you’re one of those girls, who want to reinvent yourself whenever you face a problem. Then a butterfly could be an excellent symbol for you.

The procedure you choose can vary the result a little. There are different glazes, some realistic and others more obscure. However, all are excellent options. Women of all ages prefer butterflies.

Small Heart Tattoo Ideas:

Small Heart Tattoo Ideas

No doubt what this little symbol means. The heart represents love, the ability to love and be in love. Its a perfect idea for those dreamy girls who are in love with their partners.

Enjoys life with their families and even love the challenges that life postures, as it helps them to improve. Love is undoubtedly the most powerful feeling that human beings have.

Love is a feeling that can make us push ourselves above our limits, therefore, if you are one of those passionate girls, in love of life, then don’t hesitate to make this small tattoo idea yours.

The Word “No Fear”:

The Word No Fear tattoo

It’s a powerful phrase. “No fear” interprets “Without fear” and is exceptional for all those girls who love adventure, who challenge themselves at all times and wish to be a better version of themselves.

Accepting the battles that are present in life with courage and enthusiasm, there’re many such women in this world. This short but significant phrase could be the best for all feminists who know their capabilities to face any challenge that life imposes on them.

Small Musical Tattoo Ideas:

Small Musical Tattoo Ideas

Its one of the many beautiful tattoos and it always looks cool. Any girl who loves music can opt for this beautiful small tattoo. The treble clef is the most common in this type of small tattoos with musical motifs.

Since the shape is pretty and it looks fabulous on your skin where you capture it. In case you are a musician, or you love music of any kind. Consider this small tattoo idea. You can find many designs of small and fragile musical notes to inspire you.

Small Paper Plane Tattoo Ideas:

Small Paper Plane Tattoo Ideas

This small tattoo idea expresses the journey of life and love for the beautiful moments it gives us, which are as short as the flight of a paper plane, with being delightful and with full of pleasure.

There is no specific part for this tattoo, and it depends on your tastes. Many women tend to do it on their back, under the hairline behind their ears.

It is also common on the ankles and wrists, and even on the fingers of their hand, most prefer to have it on their index finger. Its an excellent ​idea for a small tattoo.

The Word “Believe”:

The Word Believe tattoo

The word “believe” is one of those timeless words in the world of tattoos, but it didn’t lose its value and beauty.

It has a very compact meaning that we must believe in ourselves, our abilities to get ahead & fight for our goals and aspirations.

Believing the things are possible is the first step, to get what we want in life and it’s beautiful to have a word on the skin that drives us to believe in ourselves all times, especially when we’re sad and need a blow of self-esteem.

Three triangles:

A small tattoo idea with the shape of three triangles expresses the unity of the earth, the sky, representing the holiest trinity, divinity and perfect harmony.

If religion is essential for your life, you can consider this symbol with its profound meaning. The three is a powerful number that represents the triad Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

So the three triangles have a beautiful hidden message that’s understood on various levels. If you like small tattoos of this style, you could know more about geometric tattoos.

Small Bird Tattoo Ideas:

Small Bird Tattoo Ideas

The tattoos of birds indicate freedom. When these are reflected in full flight, means that they respond to the plan of life.

In which one wishes to reach far away, at full speed and to be free of all earthly ties that may prevent extending their wings and enjoy flying high, without forced limits.

Its a small and lovely tattoo idea, which means powerful.


OM Tattoo Idea on Wrist

For girls who love Hinduism, the sacred mantra “OM” is an excellent choice. It is the graphic representation of the original sound and the origin of almost all known mantras.

The OM is a symbol that combines the spiritual, and natural peace in perfect harmony. It is one of those small and fragile tattoos that are filled with a thick and fantastic meaning.

Which is very specific that if you are a fan of Yoga, meditation, and the new age trend, you’ll be tempted to carry this symbol on your skin for the rest of your life.

Viking symbol:

viking symbols tattoo for women

Those simple lines that resemble an arrow are a Viking symbol that translates “Create your reality.”

It indicates that we’ve to individually build the world around us, with our efforts and judgments. For a girl who knows that she has control over her life and wants to expose it, this can be an original way of doing it.

This small tattoo idea with runes and symbols that have transformed the centuries and now you can wear as a beautiful mark on your skin.

Sailor Moon Tattoo Ideas:


The moon represents our passions, depending on the stage in which you have chosen the tattoo, the meaning may vary a bit.

A moon can express that you love the night because you can be alone with yourself and show yourself without anybody calling your authentic voice, like a wolf howling at the full moon.

The small tattoo idea of moons are very gentle and lovely, they look great on the wrist and look stunning. A curve moon means that you’re in a constant stage of personal development and you’re a girl who is eager to grow and endure new emotions.

Semicolon Tattoo Ideas:

semicolon tattoo on wrist

The semicolon means a pause in a sentence that then it continues. An excellent idea for every girl who pauses to reinvent herself and continue writing her own story.

Something that many females can positively identify with since there are many moments in which we stop for a moment to judge where we’re and take a decision to move forward with our life projects.

This is one of the small tattoo idea chosen by girls who are enthusiastic about reading or writing since it shows an essential feature of their personality.

Small Sailboat Tattoo Ideas:

Small Sailboat Tattoo Ideas

There is a famous saying that says: “A calm sea never made a proficient sailor.”

You don’t have to be fond of browsing the sea. You can choose this lovely tattoo thanks to its significant meaning. A sailboat signifies that you intend to adjust the sails and determine the direction of your life.

A path that will lead you to become the person you have always wanted to be, using the wind in your favor, to drive you and live an extreme adventure.

Small Flower Tattoo Ideas:

Small Flower Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo of a little flower on the shoulder of a young woman will always give a very feminine touch and even more when it is small and elegant.

The flower tattoo expresses the birth and prospering in life, growing a complete person.

Tree Tattoo Ideas:

Tree Tattoo wrist Ideas

Tree tattoo a small symbol with a significant meaning describes the life of a person. A tree tattoo is not an ordinary tattoo, but its purpose is widely used in philosophy and mythology.

These tree tattoos are with small design and look fantastic on the forearm.

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