9 Online Erotica Sites Like Literotica – You’ll Love Them!

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9 Online Erotica Sites Like Literotica – You’ll Love Them!

12. Adult-FanFiction



Well, most people tend to confuse adultfanfiction.org with fanfiction.net but what do you say; they are in no way connected .

Adultfanfiction.org is all about art and history writers; the activities involved/involve challenging people to write about various topics, to share and help others find stories that have been written for a long time.

It is a platform like literotica.com where authors do not compete only in competitions, but they advise each other. For example, there is a writers’ corner where writers discuss the art of writing, which includes tips, strategies, styles and specific elements for writing adult content (Phonekelly). Also, there is a help forum on the character profile. This forum aims to help people create a good sign or more for their stories

Discover talent here by viewing a lot of art manga and anime mainly erotic in their art room, as well as reading many original stories written by their authors. Even if you have talent in any of the sectors, participate in fun contests and challenges, otherwise, write about movies or something. In the end, there is so much to do.

Conclusion in short, if you are a willful and talented artistic mind, adultfanfiction.org is your best choice and is the best sites like Literotica. Share, view and read other artists, as well as authors, work by building each other and enjoy a wide range of available content.

Pros of Adult-FanFiction’s

  • User support
  • Sorting features
  • A variety of erotic stories
  • It’s an encouraging art platform

Cons of Adult-FanFiction

  • Banners
  • The tiring process is dull
  • The site is too full of information

11. StoriesOnline



StoriesOnline on the internet! This is a very appropriate domain name! Of course, we play on the double meaning of online and net, but you already understand the principle, no? Unless you are a quiche at home. Now that you know what you will find on this site let me give you some vital information to know.

The home page has a pretty retro look, a little in the style of the 90s. It’s not a problem since some people like the stuff a little vintage here. You will have a sidebar with different sections: Series to follow, Complete stories, old stories, and others. Each category has its own subcategories. For example for the category “Old Stories,” you will find links that will allow you to see the best short stories, best long stories, classics and favorites of the authors. Also, you will also have access to a menu that will help you (even more) to navigate the site. There are many links to click on this site!

StoriesOnline.net is one of the biggest erotic stories sites on the net like Literotica. I’ve never seen before such content, and yet I’ve seen story sites. If you like this kind of pros (all in English), or if you are the same editor, then click on the screenshot!

Pros of StoriesOnline

  • Retro presentation
  • Full of sex stories

Cons of StoriesOnline

  • The display can be confusing
  • Everything is in English

10. xHamster/Stories



I’m willing to bet you did not know that xHamster had a part dedicated to the stories on his pages just like Literotica stories! Ahaha! I’m sure of that! No, xHamster is not just a porn tube with sex videos, pornstars and so on. There are many other great things. Do you like reading sex stories? So listen to me …

This is the stories part of xHamster.  You will not only find more than 4,000 pages filled with sexy stories written by many different people, but you can also change the language. By default, everything is, of course, in English. But if you want to change just click on the flags that are in the top menu. You will have access to stories in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and Dutch or Turkish, and many more. And, you will have a list of categories on your left, for example, sadomasochism, BDSM, celebrities, first time, humor, taboo, and voyeur.

The homepage starts by default with the latest stories added, sent by users (you can also submit your own stories if you are an author, there is a button for that) if you want to change the display click on the top rated. You can also add the stories you like to your favorites, but you must have an account for that. It’s free, so feel free to sign up. More than 14 million members are waiting for you! Everything’s fantastic until we hit their popup ads, I hate it. I clicked on the favorites section, the page opens in a new window, and everything becomes an ad on my current page! Shit! Who wants this? I now have to click on the back button of my browser, what a serious joke!

If you are often on the move, you can access the mobile version on your mobile phone. Nobody will know what you read since the stories have only text and no pictures. xHamster has one of the biggest erotic bookshops on the net now. Are you ready to come and discover all this erotic literature, the best of what you’ve seen? Some stories are true! This is exactly like Literotica.

Pros of xHamster/Stories’s

  • Beautiful library
  • Some stories are true
  • You can send your texts

Cons of xHamster/Stories’s

  • Pop Up Ads!

09. LushStories


literotica videos

If you love eroticism and want to try something than Literotica stories Lush Stories should suit you. There are many great stories to read here with a high-quality community.

On the index, you will see the latest erotic stories added with a small summary of each one. Members of the site wrote all stories and read very quickly. There are literally hundreds of pages of stories so you will have choices … You can filter them (categories on the left), so if you want stories with sexy or other female students, click on the link of the categories. You will also see the most popular stories!

If you like interactivity, there is a forum and a chat to chat, and you can also submit your own erotic stories — an excellent site, easy to use with a lot of content.

Pros of LushStories

  • Categories
  • Full of erotic stories
  • No need to register

Cons of LushStories

  • Advertising

08. Chyoa


online erotica

Chyoa.com is a site where you can read erotic stories as of www.literotica.com. In other words, you will have access to lots of erotic texts at your end. It may not be your favorite destination, but it will allow you to discover new things that you do not find on Literotica. You can read and participate in more than 7,000 interactive stories with more than 228,000 chapters. I repeat: You can join in the story!

This is an adventure book where you will need 2 fingers, 1 hand and with that, you will be treated to a happy ending. The home page starts with the latest updated stories. If you want to see what’s new, you have to go down. All the writers are in the footer, and in the sidebar, you can find the story of the week, the best stories, the top chapters, and other stuff.

You can write and send your own stories, and you can search for what you want with the search function. You’re going to discover a new world of reading, fantasies, and interaction.

Pros of Chyoa

  • Interesting concept
  • Good ends

Cons of Chyoa

  • Nothing in particular

07. TheKristenArchives


sites like literotica

Personally, I have always thought that erotic reading stories, instead of watching real Literotica videos, was reserved for thoughts.

First of all, I only enjoy HQ video production, and that also includes high-quality erotic stories, so if this site manages to interest me, it will interest you as well. When you open the site for the first time, you may be a little confused; we are no longer in the 90s, and the design of the site does not help.

All you have to do to see all that this site has to offer is just scroll down and up … I guess the basic menu button creation was “too cool” for them. Anyway, the site is at the top, where you can learn more about how it all started. However, I must add that they could have done better with the introduction of their site, because it does not really make me want to read the stories.

But you do not have to worry about that; the creators of the site are not the authors of the stories. The reason this site is called “The Kristen Archives” is basically because of this girl who was apparently a little too lonely (if you ask me), because she had time to gather all these erotic stories, presumably in 1997 (that’s what they say). I mean, you have over 15,000 stories + picture archives to go through, and the reason I suppose it’s been a bit too long is that the majority of the stories here are in reality of high-quality content.

Honestly, I would not be surprised if I already lost half of the audience (let alone if they were all “offended”), because here you have to use your “imagination,” which is not the case for many people. The first thing you will be offered is a bunch of stories, all of which are sorted into directories, which makes navigation easier.

If you are, in fact, a thinker or a young girl, then you should consult the “Kristen Board” where the site community can talk about her “feelings.” Honestly, who still does that? Other than using this forum page for site problems and other similar crap, talking about what you just read is very delayed, in my opinion.

If you scroll down the screen (since that’s all you can do here), you’ll see other features offered by The Kristen Archives. For example, you get a special section for resident writers, site features, and more. I would recommend this site is like Literotica where you visit the sites they have classified as “favorites” because I have opened two (but not all, of course, no one has had time to do so), and the ones I have Open were surprisingly not bad at all.

My personal favorite suggestion was a site full of fiction fan stories only. I mean, this site had a bit of everything. I mean, what more to ask a person than a good story with your favorite characters, is not it?

Categories cover all types of content; celebs, perverted Asian fantasies, or even swinger stories. You could say that they pretty much covered most of what you might expect to read in online erotica, but if you are one of those “special” who is not satisfied with literotica.com, use somewhat the search field, instead. Although at first, I said that this site was not so bad based on a story, no one can live.

Pros of TheKristenArchives

  • Many free erotic stories
  • Other great site suggestions
  • Basic categories facilitate research
  • No ads or pop-ups

Cons of TheKristenArchives

  • The design is basically 90s
  • Always scroll
  • Some stories are not edited

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