Hemp Tote Bags: The Popular Tradeshows Giveaway

October 29th, 2020 by

Hemp Tote Bags: The Popular Tradeshows Giveaway

More than one trillion single-use plastic bags are used worldwide each year. These end up in rivers and oceans, which then break up into tiny particles that are mistaken as food by animals, harming them immensely — often, even killing them. In Australia alone, 7 billion single-use plastic bags are wasted every day.

There is a concerted effort by environmental groups, governments and companies to eliminate single use plastic. This is why millions of women the world over is turning to scout bags and hemp made bags that can be repeatedly used for carrying groceries and other daily items easily. In terms of designs, materials, and price points, there are a ton of options that are available in the market.

Governments are trying to reduce the use of plastics, and businesses have joined in. More and more businesses are using sustainable items that reflect their company’s values. Restaurants are using paper straws, boutiques are using paper bags, and businesses are giving away hemp tote bag at trade shows.

What is hemp?

Hemp is grown in Nepal. It’s an extremely durable and environmentally-friendly fiber and has a higher fiber per hectare yield than cotton. Hemp has been used in textile, rope, oil, and other industrial products. The hemp textile industry is growing at a steady pace with people starting to see hemp’s advantages.

Benefits of Hemp as Textile

  • Does not require pesticides
  • Can be cultivated in 100 days
  • Stronger than cotton
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Long-lasting and durable

Hemp Tote Bags in Tradeshows

The hemp tote bag is a popular choice among businesses as a giveaway item during tradeshows. Here’s why they’ve become so popular in recent years:


Hemp tote bags are more eco-friendly since they can be used over and over again, unlike plastic bags that can be used only one time before they’re thrown away.


Hemp tote bags are stronger than plastic bags. They can hold more items, which is why lots of people use them for grocery shopping.


Hemp tote bags are biodegradable. After years of good use, they will break down into their organic components. It’s much better for the environment.


Tote bags don’t go out of style. By offering customers an eco-friendly solution that they can use in their day-to-day lives, you also boost customer retention.


A custom hemp tote bag that shows off your logo can increase brand awareness. Hemp tote bags are easily customizable if you want to give them away during tradeshows.


More and more people are becoming conscious of how their actions impact the environment. People will respect your business more if you make that conscious effort, too.


Customers are becoming more and more environmentally-conscious each day. Because of this, businesses must adapt to develop positive relationships with their market, whether it’s by switching to paper cups or giving away hemp tote bags.