Choosing the Right Fragrance: Step-by-Step Guide

August 16th, 2022 by

Choosing the Right Fragrance: Step-by-Step Guide

A lot more goes into choosing a perfume than just the packaging. Yes, you might go and test a few scents to check which fragrance works for you, but for the more discerning shopper, understanding perfume or fragrance terminologies will go a long way in helping you understand which choice to make and why.

The first thing you need to understand is the longevity of the perfume. This refers to how long the perfume will last, whereas the silage refers to its reach and power. A perfume with a longer reach may not always last longer, and you may need to only choose it when you are outdoors. Strong sillage will definitely make you stand out, but standing out is not always a good thing. Therefore, try choosing a perfume with a reasonable longevity and sillage so that only those close to you can feel your rich scent and you can keep the scent long enough to make you feeling fresh and good for a longer time.

When to Choose Weaker Longevity

Having a weak longevity is not always a good thing. Some women perfumes can last for so long that you would need to scrub it off in a hot shower at the end of the day if you want to sleep without the excess scents. For some women, having a night scent is imperative, and having a fragrance that sticks even after a shower is not necessarily a good thing.

The choice of longevity and sillage requires testing, and some market research, here are a few pointers to making the right fragrance choice.

Consider New Brands

Sticking to traditional fragrance ideas is what’s preventing you from finding the right perfume fit. Experimenting with new fragrances is a must if you want to discover a new scent. You already have an idea of what you don’t like, so its about time to widen your choices on what you could like or probably love.

Take Your Time

The allure with testing different fragrances is that you get to discover how it settles and unfolds on your skin. Once you apply a small amount on your nodes, let it settle before you go sniffing. Don’t test one perfume fragrance on your armpits and another on your neck. Simply choose one fragrance, and walk around the store to let it sink in before you check out the scent.

Baby Steps Always Works

When choosing a new fragrance, you should go with smaller volumes. Some perfume companies offer smaller samples of as little as 5ml or smaller, and this allows you to test out a scent. If you like it then you can definitely come back for the larger fragrances. You will find that the fragrances that offer smaller units for free as samples tend to have very good quality fragrances and that’s why they are confident enough to give you a few samples for free.

So next time you are on the market for a new perfume, try thinking outside the box and you can expect to be pleasantly surprised.