Feel-Good Beauty Trends to Follow: Embrace Your Beauty

May 10th, 2021 by

Feel-Good Beauty Trends to Follow: Embrace Your Beauty

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The season is known for its bright colors and fun beauty ideas, but the 2021 spring beauty trends shine more brightly than usual. As the global pandemic restrictions begin to lift, more people are venturing outside, ready to see and be seen by others.  The feel-good beauty trends of 2021 combine an appreciation for the natural, toned-down look sported during the lockdown, with colorful, vibrant odes to ‘80s make-up and color palettes. This means keeping your skin in great shape and experimenting with retro looks. These eight feel-good beauty trends to follow this season are sure to keep you feeling like a million bucks while looking like a New Wave ‘80s queen.

Au Natural

One of the biggest overarching trends this season is to appreciate the skin you’re in. Working from home and staying indoors over the past year led to many men and women forgoing their full face of makeup in lieu of a bare-faced natural look. This awesome trend encourages everyone to treat their skin well and love themselves just as they are. Here are the feel-good trends that encourage the natural approach to beauty.

1.      Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is definitely in style this season. If you want to wear makeup with a subtle touch of color, go for a natural makeup vibe with monochromatic colors. Opt for a color palette that is close to your skin’s natural color. Peaches, chocolates, tans, and nude lip colors with a touch of pink add a little bit of glam to your natural look. This makeup palette gives you a fresh feeling while maintaining a subtle yet classy aesthetic.

2.      Bare Skin

Thanks to quarantine, you may have stopped wearing makeup. The good news is that bare skin is in, so if you’ve grown to love your makeup-free routine, you can keep it going. To keep your bare skin looking flawless, make sure to clean and exfoliate your skin with quality products, wear sunscreen, and tackle any issues of redness or acne with a good skincare routine. Another great option is to look into what a San Francisco plastic surgery clinic can provide for your bare skin. There are many non-invasive procedures to take advantage of, from Botox to dermal fillers, to keep your bare skin looking brand new.

3.      Curtain Bangs

Bangs are making a comeback this year. Curtain bangs, that is! Reminiscent of the free-loving hairstyles of the ‘60s and ‘70s, curtain bangs are long, shaggy bangs that part in the center and hang on either side of your head to frame your face. These bangs look good on almost everyone, and they are super low-maintenance. Curtain bangs look great with any style, but they fit laidback, natural aesthetics best.

4.      French Manicures

French manicures are back in 2021. Classic and elegant, French tips are a more natural choice of nail design than the recent trend of long, bejeweled nails. Even with the new twist on french tip sets, these nails bring out a softer, more natural look. The new look for French manicures in 2021 is to jazz them up with charming decals or creative shapes and color iterations of the original pink, white, and nude colors. This keeps your look down-to-earth, with a pop of color and style.

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Back to the ‘80s

Completely opposite to the natural makeup and hair looks are the ‘80s-inspired beauty trends this year. The ‘80s were full of bright, bold colors, in-your-face makeup looks, and big, big hair. Clunky plastic accessories and hair clips completed the look of the decade. The colors and big hair are back in these feel-good ‘80s-inspired trends. Exciting and statement-making, the 2021 version of ‘80s fashion is sure to liven up your social life and get you in the mood to go out and have fun again.

5.      ‘80s Makeup

The makeup of the 80s was vibrant, highly pigmented, and full of contrasting colors. These shades and techniques have made a comeback, although with their own modern twist. To embrace the new wave of ‘80s-inspired makeup looks, go for a deeply pigmented pink blush on your cheeks. If you are somewhere without a mask, opt for bold lipstick. For the signature look of the ‘80s, choose an eyeshadow in a bright color, such as yellow or blue.

6.      Colorful Eyeliner

Colorful eyeliners complement your bold ‘80s look. No more subtle blacks and browns; this season calls for greens, blues, reds, and purples. These liners are visually exciting, and the best part is that they can be seen when wearing a mask. Colorful eyeliners allow you to feel great and express yourself even when most of your face is covered.

7.      Claw Clips

Claw clips are back in style. Popular in the ‘80s, claw clips hold your hair back and increase the volume of your hair. Claw clips are ideal when you don’t want to use a tight rubber band, which can damage your delicate hair follicles.

Claw clips are also great for any style because they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are also embellished with any number of items, such as pearls or gems. Inexpensive and stylish, claw clips are a nifty trend this spring. Just be sure to take good care of your hair and move your claw clips around, so they don’t break your hair.

8.      Red Hair

The final ‘80s-inspired trend this spring is red hair. Red is a bright, vibrant color, and it really makes a statement when you walk into a room. This trend is for the brave only, as, once you go red, it is difficult to go back to another color.

If you want to grab hold of this trend, look for vibrant fire-engine-red hues or dark, deep auburn. Another choice is to add red low-lights or coppery highlights to your hair to get a bit of red on your head without committing to the full effect.

2021 Feel-Good Trends

Armed with these eight feel-good trends to follow, you are ready to get out in the spring sunshine and flaunt your stuff. Whether you go the toned-down natural route or head down the loud, colorful road to the ‘80s, your confidence is going to shine through. So, rock those curtain bangs, throw on some gorgeous green eyeshadow, and dye your hair red; it’s all about feeling great and making a statement.